Rates & Services

Standard Pricing Chart
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 Housing Type
 Good Condition
 Moderate Condition
 Extreme Condition
 Studio Standard – $150.00
 Standard – $175.00 Standard – $190.00
 1 Bedroom
 Standard – $175.00 Standard – $185.00 Standard – $195.00
 2 Bedroom Standard – $200.00 Standard – $250.00 Standard – $275.00
 3 Bedroom Standard – $300.00 Standard – $325.00 Standard – $350.00
 4 Bedroom Standard – $375.00 Standard – $385.00 Standard – $390.00
 5 Bedroom Standard – $400.00 Standard – $425.00 Standard – $475.00
 HOUSE (w/o basement)
 Standard – $500.00 Standard – $525.00 Standard – $575.00

Standard Cleaning Services

Washing of bathtub/shower, cleaning walls and grout, mirrors, countertops, sink, stainless steel,
full toilet sanitizing.

Cleaning of stove, drop pans, burner grates, control knobs, microwave oven, appliances,
cabinets, countertop, sinks.

Furniture dusting, make beds, door knobs and phones sanitizing,
dust picture frames, dust baseboards.

Living Room
Cloth wipe furniture (including under cushions), dusting of picture frames, light fixtures, sills, shelves,
windex glass tables, wipe down baseboards.

Sweeping, mopping or vacuuming for all rooms.

Cobweb Removal

All rooms.

Waste baskets and trash receptacles emptied for all rooms.

Fees for additional services:  i.e., windows, repairs, etc., will be billed at $35.00 per hour. Light washing & drying is included if machines
are on the premises.
If machines are not on the premises, this does not apply and will be billed as an additional service.

  • K&J takes pride in providing the highest standards possible to all their customers.
  • All clients will receive a checklist detailing services to be provided.
  • You will receive a customer service call from K&J to assure all services have been met.
  • We guarantee excellence.